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@CUNTMAFIA [Contessa Stuto & Quay Dash] Acapella Feb. 2014 for Time Spent x True Laurels

Contessa Stuto & Quay Dash

represents @CUNTMAFIA

Accapella premiered on

TIME SPENT in collaboration with

TRUE LAURELS BLOG (full story here)

The setting is at Cherrybomb NYC's location The Flat Brooklyn and the two bad bitches is #CUNTMAFIA'S Contessa Stuto & Quay Dash. The film is on VHS and it was a moment captured within two minutes of shooting an Acapella. The bar is family with Contessa Stuto, so we got to shut the music off and record within a 5 minute opening between DJ's.

The Acapella's are excerpts from Contessa Stuto's "CUNTMAFIA anthem," 2012 (the dance 2014 version coming soon) and Quay Dash's upcoming track "POP TRIGGAZ"(2014)

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Contessa Stuto


Febuary 14th 2014


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